Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Didn't I Think of This?

What the public REALLY needs: a credentialer of the credentialers, based in Washington, DC!

These guys have it all: An Editorial Committee, an International Task Force, an External Stakeholder Development Task Force,  Public Member Development Task Force, Credentialing Careers Task Force, and Emerging Leaders Task Force - oh, and don't forget the Legal Action Fund to pay for hefty strongman tactics!

Sounds like the playbook for the American Board of Medical Specialties Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, doesn't it?

Pure genius.

I feel so much safer now, don't you?



Anonymous said...

"a credentialer of the credentialers"

But don't they themselves need to be credentialed?

I volunteer - for a nominal fee.

Why does ICE use ABMS sponsored MOC maps created by ABMS risk management personnel? said...

What is the Institute for Credentialing Excellence - ICE (formerly known as NOCA)? http://www.noca.org/

How did they come into possession of ABMS maps (funded and compiled by ABMS-employed risk managers) showing the growing number of states sponsoring anti-MOC legislation?

In 1977 in cooperation with the federal government said...

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) is one of the two main U.S. organizations that accredit personnel certifications or certificates.[2][nb 1] In November 2009 the ICE formally changed its name from the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).[3]

ICE is an accredited standards developer by the American National Standards Institute. [ANSI] [1]


In cooperation with the federal government the National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies (NCHCA) was founded in 1977 in order to develop standards for voluntary certification programs.[4] In 1989, the NCHCA was expanded to developing certifications for all professions, becoming the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), and forming the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) as a membership association for credentialing bodies.[4] In 2009, the Board moved to change to a new name and became the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).[4]

National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) is the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. The NCCA's Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs exceed the requirements set forth by the American Psychological Association and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.[5] In the state of California all organizations that wish to be recognized as counselor certifying organizations must be accredited by the NCCA.[6]


In 1975 the ABIM changed its bylaws from being a "time-limited 50 year mission" becoming one that would entwine itself "forever" in corporate/government affairs and special interests. Then in 1977 the government sponsored/ngo National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies was born. To anticipate/accommodate this the new bylaws of 1975 would read "in perpetuity".

The problem of ABIM/ABMS MOC began in 1986 "financial and political planning meetings" ahead of the creation of the ABIM Foundation/Secret Investment Account. Ironically, the ABIM was scheduled to be administratively dissolved in 1986. It is not coincidental that in 1989 the National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies (NCHCA) expanded its scope to include all professions becoming the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. (NCCA).

Maintenance of Certification was already being tested and adopted prior to its adoption by the ABMS. Cross funding of marketing/lobbying between various NGO's created public pressure and a body of propaganda - some created even recently by powerful DC/International lobbying/marketing firms like "Susan Davis International."

With billions of dollars at stake, the ABMS, with its testing industry/testing security associates, will try to create new waves of propaganda and demonization of physicians clinical capacity targeting the physicians' anti-MOC movement enjoying unanimous success in various states. The ABMS umbrella and medical boards are very worried about the precedents that are being set. ABMS/ICE-related organizations/individual efforts, springing up with unknown funding sources, are already using the words "malicious accusations" in their campaign to characterize honest revelations concerning the absolute moral degradation and financial corruption of the entire ABMS, their executives and boards.

ICE ABMS and Caveon Partnership said...

I find it disturbing, but not surprising that ICE and ABMS share Caveon as a contractor. ICE's contractor/partner Caveon will track you from their secret internet spying locations. Caveon is comprised of unvetted third-party individuals in unregistered locations working from home in at least four states. Their web of spying spans out through many states and even the federal and state government. The ABMS should disclose the financially lucrative test spying relationship and coi on their 990's and discuss it in their Town Halls.

The ABMS contracts with this internet/testing spy company Caveon (consider the long-term relationship with ABP, ABR, ABIM, ABS and others). According to official contracts and other documents Caveon operates out of their secret headquarters-- get this--in a UPS store in Midvale, Utah. 6905 South 1300 East #468 Midvale UTAH 84047

ABIM's director of investigations, the double felon A Benjamin Mannes, also worked secretly as investigative manager out of their interstate postal box. Marc J. Weinstein (remember Weinstein for crushing civil liberties in ABIM versus Arora and all the other persecuted physician victims) is now Caveon's testing investigator/attorney. He also has a private corner in the little box in Midvale Utah, also. Caveon used to film their "corporate videos" of themselves in front of a nearby glassy office building. Now I believe they have spent some money upgrading to project their torturously unprofessional presentations in front of a "blue screen" backdrop.


October 21, 2015

Caveon Presents at the Institute for Credentialing Excellence Annual Conference

Caveon is pleased to announce participation in the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s annual conference, which is being held October 27-30, 2015.

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) holds the annual ICE Exchange every fall. Caveon Test Security, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, is pleased to have been selected to present several informational session on the program agenda. Caveon will share the stage with other well-known test security experts from a variety of educational institutions. Caveon’s sessions include:
•A Game Plan for Managing Test Security Incidents
•Overcoming the Threats and Risks of Testing Internationally
•Harnessing Data Forensics to Validate and Invalidate Test Scores

Caveon’s Vice President of Client Services, Dr. Jamie Mulkey said, “Caveon is glad to see the emphasis ICE has placed on test security in this year’s conference program. It’s a strong indicator that high-quality credentialing programs want to learn more about maintaining their program’s reputation through test integrity and valid test results.”

ICE is also offering a virtual conference option this year. Many of the sessions can be seen online, including Mulkey’s session, A Game Plan for Managing Test Security Incidents.

ICE advances credentialing through education, standards, research, and advocacy to ensure competence across professions and occupations. To learn more about ICE, visit www.credentialingexcellence.org. For more information about Caveon or the sessions we will present, visit caveon.com/conferences or email Richelle.gruber@caveon.com.

From Google's websites cache

ICE has created a secretive "protest movement" to counter the Anti-MOC movement said...

The growing anti-MOC sentiment gains traction, and some well-funded insider opposition groups to protect their financial cow--MOC.

ICE warns via their privately created 'grassroots' coalition, "we anticipate it is simply a matter of time before other health care professions will be targeted" [for anti-MOC state legislation].

"What is the Right To Safe Care Coalition?

The Right To Safe Care Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals who are concerned about legislation recently enacted in some states to undo current systems established to assure the public of the competence of health care professionals. Our goal is to educate stakeholders, including the public, about the importance of effective lifelong learning programs administered by voluntary credentialing organizations, health professional licensing boards, and hospitals and other health care delivery institutions. These programs protect the public, promote patient safety and help ensure high quality health care services for everyone. Legislation that will weaken the effectiveness of current competence programs has been passed in several states. To date, the legislation affects only physician practice; however, we anticipate it is simply a matter of time before other health care professions will be targeted."


ABMS builds "democracy" by destroying it said...

The ABMS, through ICE, has contracted informally with a local Chicago "citizen advocacy center". Have the risk assessment teams at the ABMS lost their minds to pollute the good hearts of interns and decent volunteer lawyers their with their false trumpeting. They will feed propaganda to good people who claim their roots are in the consumer-rights activism lineage of Ralph Nader?

Just look at the total hypocrisy of the ABIM and ICE. I just hope the CAC interns and "fake grassroots protestors" the ABMS hires to infiltrate the organization will have the capacity and strength to reason for themselves and see that MOC is such a consumer fraud issue that they will rebel against the greed and political strong-arming of the American Board of Medical Specialties and the initiatives stemming from the very conflicted self-interests of ICE.

This is so sad! The ABMS is truly evil and corrupt.

"The Citizen Advocacy Center (CAC) is an award winning, non-profit, non-partisan free community legal organization. Founded in 1994, CAC's mission is to build democracy for the 21st Century by strengthening the citizenry's capacities, resources, and institutions for self-governance."


ICE: improper use of NGO funds said...

ICE and the ABMS are giving us examples of how they improperly use employees of other affiliated medical institutions and "revolving door" politics by paying them, offering positions, or creating impossible internal conflicts where board members disagree on the appropriateness of betraying physicians and anti-MOC legislation. Anti-MOC legislation in the states, imo, does not go far enough, but at least restores the voluntary nature of MOC and certification as it should be. Coercion, mandates and threats are gone. That is something the ABMS cannot live without it seems. In this case of abusing another medical quality assurance NGO, ICE is misusing their influence/power by using the communications officer of a nursing certification NGO. (One of the board members recently resigned from the NBCRNA.)

Look below at the contact name and organization that ICE uses as their contact source.

"Will the 'right to safe care coalition' hire staff? (from ICE's website.)

No. All coalition activities will be performed by volunteers or by contract. Any and all contracts for services will be approved in advance by a majority vote of the steering committee.

For further information or to consider being a member of the Right to Safe Care Coalition, contact Lisa Kamen at lkamen@nbcrna.com."


Continued Professional said...

This is the NBCRNA Continued Professional Certification Committee Report put out by Susan Davis International in 2012. It shows how financially dependent these organization are on MOC money. It outlines the extreme efforts the NBCRNA went to sell recertification to nurses and others in a massive campaign throughout the United States. Who paid for all that? Their executives are well-compensated.

Anonymous said...

ABMS is deceitful and malicious. We never should have allowed ourselves to get into this position in the first place. Need to be more vigilant and proactive.

Anonymous said...

What transcript has been redacted in the ABIM's ongoing legal harassment of Dr. Salas-Rushford? How many years are they going to take out of his life! Is this more suppression of evidence by the ABIM? More stonewalling? More costs hanging over Dr. Jimmy's head? Was Judge Hayden really present at this motion hearing? Or was it the magistrate? What's going on?

On pacer.gov I got this message connected to trying to read a February 2017 transcript listing.

"You do not have access to this transcript.
Transcript of Proceedings of a Motion Hearing held on 1/11/2017, before Judge Katharine S. Hayden. Court Reporter/Transcriber Ralph Florio (732-859-6255). NOTICE REGARDING REDACTION OF TRANSCRIPTS: The parties have seven (7) calendar days to file with the Court a Notice of Intent to Request Redaction of this Transcript. Redaction Request due 2/22/2017. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 3/6/2017. Release of Transcript Restriction set for 5/2/2017. (Miller, S)"

Ed Rico said...

Why does ABIM's desire to hide evidence from external view outweigh Dr. Salas Rushford's right to a public hearing process? Looks suspiciously like ABIM would rather squander cash coerced from Diplomates on their Ballard Spahr dream team than to settle with Dr. Jimmy, which Dr. Baron and pals know is the ultimate outcome from this disaster. Even following settlement, Dr. Jimmy can never recover what ABIM took from him with their callous and selfish actions.

At the rate ABIM is burning through the Diplomates' cash, the inevitable future settlement check to Dr. Jimmy may have to be drawn from Dr. Baron and the ABIM insiders' personal assets, including those generous retirement accounts.

ICE/NCCA/AEA: Wizard Behind the Curtain said...

Denise Roosendaal and her "M Street" certification and evaluation companies operate out of the same suite number as ICE/NCCA/AEA offices in DC. Roosendaal and her "companies" keep their activities, specific managerial costs, and personal compensation and expenses hidden. ICE has a prominent American Board of Pediatrics psychometrician on its board revealing why ICE is concerned with ABMS MOC and the states introducing anti-MOC legislation.

Andrew Dwyer ABP executive and ICE board membership

The veil over ICE tax filings and the ABMS financial shroud/syndicate

ICE or the Institute for Certification Excellence and its sister organization American Evaluation Association appear to be shockingly hidden from public inspection just like the ABIM's hiding of evidence mentioned above. Their connection with the ABMS and healthcare certification in general is clear.
Both ICE/NCCA and AEA use Smith Bucklin of Chicago Il. for their management purposes. This is a clever way of keeping everything hidden as to actual executive compensation. Their 990 filings reveal only the amount paid to the management company Smith Bucklin. Very clever and raises a great deal of suspicion when we look at the "grassroots" movement to fight anti-MOC legislation paid for and endorsed by ICE inspired organizations and people.

Of particular interest the principal officer Denise Roosendaal involved at ICE/NCCA/AEA is a long term "past employee" and graduate of the management firm Smith Bucklin (based in Chicago). The "leaving" or termination of employment with Smith Bucklin and taking the positions at ICE and AEA coincide perfectly arousing suspicion of duality/plurality of conflicts of interest.


ICE/NCCA Bullying said...

MOC as illegal Maintenance of Control through an obtuse network of NGO's

Just try to sue the ICE/NCCA and their lawyers will do the same kind of quoting of "policy" that the ABIM does and the judge will not be able to object to the hard to argue with policies and contractual agreements. California for example requires that you are certified with the NCCA in order to be a certifying agency/school. Here is another heinous unjust means of maintaining control through bullying and legal strong-arming. It is most likely that ABMS member boards would not qualify for NCCA/ICE due to their egregious conflicts of interest. So one wonders why ICE would come to such an organization if they were not controlled somewhat/influenced by ABMS or its cronies. I believe that we have more conflicts and collusion in a vast racketeering scheme. They will hold on to it an not spare any expense to deceive, sanction and sue. Threaten your livelihood. ICE is closely linked to ANSI a huge international standards NGO.

Operating out of the same offices as ICE is AEA the American Evaluation Association at the same M Street address. "Principal officer" D. Roosendaal is the same for ICE and AEA as mentioned above. Smith Bucklin manages associations (like AEA) based out of Chicago with offices in DC and elsewhere. SB manages both ICE and AEA so they do circumvent disclosing any financial remuneration on their 990's to the "principal officer" or anyone else. They say they only have "interns" as staff. This is one of the most obtuse organizations I have come across in terms of disclosure. If you do want financial information you will have to be a member of ICE or AEA to request it from them, but no telling what selective items they will part with.


Who/What is Smith Bucklin (Chicago) said...

Smith Bucklin's acquisition spree and potpourri of related companies
See Wikipedia and references: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SmithBucklin

Outsourcing services to extend business activities (or possibly to keep them hidden)

SB company facts

And Smith Bucklin has business relationships with federal agencies like CMS and NIH.

"With our dedicated Healthcare + Scientific Industry Practice devoted to serving healthcare and scientific associations and societies, SmithBucklin is uniquely positioned to help clinician, allied health, scientific and multi-disciplinary organizations achieve their missions and objectives. We leverage our unmatched depth of practice-specific knowledge and experience to help organizations thrive in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. We create bodies of knowledge and corresponding development curricula, develop practice-management benchmark data, generate commercial support and achieve desired outcomes from interactions with federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). With a deep appreciation for the time and travel constraints of healthcare professionals, SmithBucklin also excels in efficient administration and application of leading practices, allowing volunteers to contribute in a meaningful, impactful and rewarding manner to their organization’s success and long-term vitality."


ICE/NCCA accredited certified programs said...

NCCA accredited certified programs

Anonymous said...

"The FMA took an early lead in fighting for state and national policies on Maintenance of Certification that would reduce physicians’ regulatory burdens. In anticipation of the 2017 Florida Legislative Session beginning Tuesday, March 7, our legislation to prohibit unnecessary MOC requirements has been filed in the House and Senate. The FMA worked closely with bill sponsors Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., and Sen. Jeff Brandes on drafting HB 723."


10 things I hate most about MOC and Choosing Wisely said...

Re anti-MOC legislation: I am confident that the "Citizen Advocacy Center" (in Chicago and DC) will not engage the anti-MOC movement proposed by ABMS and ICE.
The Citizen Advocacy Center has much better things to do. The CAC already knows what Ralph Nader knows, namely, that MOC is a consumer scam and ABMS is fraudulent.

Ralph Nader does not understand why "Consumer Reports" would get mixed up with the deceitful ABIM Foundation and their cronies exposing oneself to endless liability connected with Choosing Wisely.

CW is worse than a faulty Chevy Corvair with its exploding gas tank. Choosing Wisely is worse on seniors and children than the murderous metallic smack of a recalled passenger-side air bag.

Mr. Nader, help us recall MOC, the greatest educational scam ever perpetrated on woman and man.
Help us recall Choosing Wisely, the morbid, potentially deadly ABIMF healthcare rationing plan.
Help us, Ralph, to protect the consumer from the deleterious effect of MACRA as it decreases quality and slows the daily flow--creating demonstrably poorer outcomes in medicine.
What were they thinking!


Lisa said...

Choosing Wisely is actually a good guideline for a lot of things, so long as you do the opposite.

Michael West said...

Can't believe I just saw Ted E's name on ABIM task force 2020 panel. Why is this guy on the panel? Doesn't practice as far as I know. Family practice residency only, then straight to administrative positions it appears, not even IMED. Bet he is not doing any MOC or even direct patient care. Willing to be corrected here, but don't see it happening. See his blog to get a feel for what he spends his time on. People should really vet deeply members of these so called task force panels.

Anonymous said...

Protect this website, and have someone back up the entire content. Updating regularly.

ABIM not meeting ICE/NCCA expectations and standards said...

More negligence involving the ABIM's self-wheeling/self-dealing governance.

An ABMS risk assessment regarding executive certification non-compliance:

According to reliable sources ABIM's new Human Resource Department Executive Director at the ABIM, Judith Cassel, is not certified with the appropriate certifying agency.
ABMS has a strict policy that HR Managers must be certified by the "HR Certification Institute." HRCI is an accreditation company listed with the ICE/NCCA.

Dr. Rich Baron missed this important detail in his strict adherence to policy and ethical practice at the ABIM? This may be a sanctionable offence for the CEO/President and he may lose his board certifications in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.

Before I continue with my sardonic tale of the ABIM's HR certification woes--all true--we have to digress and mention how the ABIM sanctions its executives with a bit of tongue in cheek history.

Given the harsh penalties for irregular behavior and egregious conflicts of interest meted out to ABIM's executives in the past, it is highly likely that Dr. Baron will be sanctioned with a raise in his pay and a bonus for bringing two top Philadelphia politicians into the fold at the ABIM to cure the ills by covering up the corruptions and fraud there.

Just a few years ago Christine Cassel was handed a 1.7 million dollars "sanction" on top of her normal outrageous million dollar per-annum salary (adjusted for tax deferred compensation and travel perks for her husband). Dr. Baron and the "sanctions committee" at ABIM took this bold punitive action against Dr. Cassel (who never logged more than a few hours a year at the ABIM) after it was discovered by ProPublica and a California union boss who represented Kaiser Permanente employees, that Christine Cassel had egregious conflicts of interest while on the dole of Kaiser Permanente (foundation), Premier, Inc., the Obama White House, the ABIM and then the NQF.

Castle was forced to resign from lucrative board seats only because her crimes corresponded with the DOJ's ongoing investigation of the NQF and a safey committee scandal involving blatant 'plain-as-day' kickback schemes going on for years at the NQF. Just so you know the NQF has paying stakeholder members who pay because they want a voice at the table. One such stakeholder who had a product called ChloraPrep paid the NQF to favor the product in their recommendations to hospitals. When they got caught the chief instigator of the scam got caught, a Chuck Denham. Chuck was the NQF's chief chairman on the safety committee for years. Denham had strong relations with Bob Wachter, who made webinars with him, and Rich Baron who was on the NQF board at the time. And then in comes Christine Cassel and other of the special interest cronies to save the day. In advance of Cassel being named as CEO of the NQF, Chris moved her policy VP from the ABIM over to the NQF to keep a lid on things as best as she could.

To make a long story short Chuck Denham, the kickback king for the NQF, who made a few million dollars worth of videos and commercial webinars for the NQF, was fined one million dollars by the DOJ making his total profit in kickbacks--minus the webinars/NQF ads--stand at only a lousy 9-11 million dollars. Denham tucked away some of the money in a new beach house near San Diego. He already had one with his wife/secretary of the Texas Medical Institute, but needed one more big home. The story is all there if you read TMI 990 tax forms. It tells a different story than the DOJ and the NQF. It actually tells the truth, strange as it sounds. Chuck may have been a convenient scape goat, although obviously a main party to the crime.

Tale of two contradictory realities said...

Bob Wachter disavowed himself from the kickback king, Denham, as Wachter had his own kickback schemes going on at IPC, the Hopspitalist Company, where he served as the Safety Board Chairman there. (Sound familiar?) Bob got paid a monthly salary and board compensation and lucrative stock, while the Hospitalist teams he trained systematically over-billed Medicare, Tri-care and Railroad Retirees--who all lost a lot of financial chug over the scandal, while Wachter and company got rich. Very rich in fact.

The multi-millionaire IPC executives and handsomely rewarded board members managed to keep their names out of the press by quickly selling IPC for a staggering profit to Team Health. Team Health struggled with the massive debt IPC passed on to them in the merger/sale. (Ouch!) In October of 2016 Team Health sold the company to the Blackstone Group for 6.1 billion dollars. This was obviously negotiated in advance of taking on the IPC debt to have an exit plan. This is typical in business. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TeamHealth

So, what about the missing certification/necessary credential in the CV of Baron's new chief of staff/HR director/ethics chief, Judy Cassel? Will someone be sanctioned for that crime?

The exiting "director of ABIM's HR," Donna L. Campbell (2008-2016), who hired Ariel Benjamin Mannes--the two-time felon to bully physicians--had two HR certifications. Campbell had one HR certification from the HRCI.org to give her the proper clout to overlook Mannes gun violation felony that most likely was not on his application. And the other prestigious HR certification from the Society for Human Resource Managers gave Campbell the experience to know that she would not get caught for failing to record that Mannes was convicted of impersonating a DC police officer. Mannes used his skills of impersonation to the max against gullible and vulnerable physicians and board prep courses who were scammed big league. The ABIM's "dream team of thugs" exercised to precision this heist against physicians and the public. They did so with no class whatsoever in the execution of their well-planned syndicate-like white collar crimes and tampering with justice.



Anonymous said...

Who does the criminal background checks for the ABIM? Or do they screen themsleves?